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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cant find answers to your questions, reach out to us at 224-404-6932

Yes we deliver, currently we only deliver locally. Sorry no out of state deliveries at this time.

Yes you can make an appointment, and a trained professional will come to your home and measure your doors kitchen or trim.

Hollow core doors are lighter, with nothing between the front & back of the door. Solid core doors are heavier with a particle board core on the inside of the door.

The height of the door will dictate how many hinges, 6’8″ (80″) and 7’0″ (84″) doors will have 3 hinges, 8’0″ (96″) will have 4 hinges.

The handing of a door is always determined by facing the exterior of a door.

  • If the hinge is on the left side of the door, the door is left handed (LH).
  • If the hinge is on the right side of the door, the door is right handed (RH).

To order a handed product, specify LH or RH. Not all products are handed; only specify handing when required.

Jamb depth is the wall thickness, which is equal to your stud size, plus both sides of your dry wall.

Yes we offer flexible mouldings, contact us and a team member will assist you in finding the right profile.

Staining or painting the moulding before it is installed is recommended. Ensure all areas that have filler are dry and sanded before applying any paint. If you install the moulding and then finish it, protect the area around the moulding by masking it off with tape. Carefully remove the tape immediately after finishing to prevent its drying to the finish. Painting is recommended for moulding surfaces already coated with a primer. In most applications a semigloss coat for durability, washability, and appearance is recommended. Please ensure that only higher quality paints with high solids content are used. We recommend two finish coats for top quality durability and appearance. Mouldings with a pronounced wood grain are better suited to stain or varnish to enhance the naturally occurring grain. Other mouldings such as hemlock can be stained to virtually any tint, but also provide a high quality surface for paint as well when primed.

For windows and doors use casings, for ceilings use crowns, for floors use baseboards, and for walls use chair rails, panel moulds etc. Use the Product Catalog or Product Finder on our website to choose the right profile numbers to suit your needs and decor.

Kitchens are like most anything else that you purchase: the costs are entirely dependent on the price of the materials chosen and the complexity of the job. An industry rule of thumb is to consider 10-20% of the house’s market value when estimating a kitchen remodel. It is good to keep in mind that a remodeled kitchen is an investment that will increase the value of your home. We offer cabinetry at many different price levels to fit your budget and give you the best design within that budget.

Yes, of course. We carry a full line of products that can meet most budgets. Our creative design team can really help you stretch your dollar. What we don’t do and won’t do is “cut corners.” We believe that to be the “Best Price” it always must be a “Complete Price” and meet the client’s objectives with products, design, and service that will never “disappoint.” If you have a smaller budget, it is even more important for you to put your investment in the trustworthy hands of our professionals.

Yes, we have paint and stain options available. Finishing options require increased lead time.

The average do-it-yourselfer can approach lock installation with ease. Estimate about 15 minutes for the installation of an Entry, Deadbolt, Passage, Privacy, or Dummy. An Entry Handleset can be installed in approximately 30 minutes. When installing a handleset or an entry lock with a deadbolt on the same door, take the time to align the locks so that the deadbolt locks freely when the door is shut normally.

NOTE: Doors with pre-drilled holes contribute to ease-of-installation. If a door is not pre-drilled, it may be prudent to have a qualified vendor or installer drill and mortise the door for you.

Yes, you can have all your locks keyed to one key. A locksmith, the installer or dealer can assist with this. Your new locks can even be keyed to work with your existing key.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was established to provide equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities throughout all aspects of life and a major part of this is accessibility to public accommodations. To simplify this as related to locks, it requires hardware that does not require tight grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate or open a door. Many of the leversets that we offer will provide for ease of use as established by the A.D.A.Guidelines.

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